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China Moon

Crispy flat bread sandwich with marinated minced shrimp. You’ve got to try it!


Pan Fried Dumplings

Lightly sauteed dumplings filled with chicken, shrimp, seafood, pork, or a shrimp, pork, and chicken mixture. These flavorful bites are great as an appetizer or as a meal!


Crispy Tofu wtih Spicy Awesome Sauce

Flash fried bits of tofu are paired with our delicious Awesome Sauce. Be careful you might become addicted...


Duck Wrap

Our delicious savory roast duck, cucumber, onion, cilantro and a touch of hoisin sauce in a soft wrap. Served with a cooked peanut salad. A must try.


Boiled Dumplings

Our dumplings are perfected through generations of refinement. These Northern Chinese dumplings are served boiled or pan fried.


Veggie Dumplings

These vegetarian dumplings are perfect for the vegetarian or vegan diner. Made with spinach in the dough these delicious dumplings are sure to please!


Lettuce Wrap

Served with chicken, tofu, or pork these wraps have shitake mushroom, crushed peanuts, carrots, and onion sauteed with basil. With crisp iceberg lettuce on the side, building your own wrap is fun and delicious.


Eggplant Pockets

Lightly crispy eggplant pockets are filled with a vegan stuffing and served with a raw garlic sauce. Delicious.


Chili Pepper Wontons

Our wontons are filled with a shrimp, pork, and chicken mixture. These flavoful bites are then topped with cilantro, scallion, and a chili sauce. Also available as vegetarian!


*Prices May Vary